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this was how i broke in my new tablet im sorry

Argument I heard on the bus

  • `Guy 1: no, niggah, gay bros can raise babies. Look at that warthog motherfucker and that ferret thing that raised Simba. And that niggah become king of motherfucking Africa.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/5] Female characters

↳ Natasha Romanoff (MCU)

"You know I do."


Bucky that isn’t how u play D:«


So in class the other day we were learning about the sleeping habits of newborn babies when one of the guys says “I would nickname my baby Gotham, so in the middle of the night when the baby cries my partner can whisper “Gotham needs you” and I would feel excellent about having to get out of bed”.

Bucky’s uniform appreciation post

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have you ever shipped something so much you just want to hit yourself in the face with a brick


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Natashas! with way less extreme hair swishing than I set out to draw oh well

Who the hell is Bucky?

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What do your lines say?

This is weird.

It’s Robert Pattinson in the days before Twilight.

Look at him, still smiling. There’s hope in his eyes. He can see a future before him, and he still believes that it can be good. He still has dreams.

It’s like Dean Winchester before Hell

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Sonic Screwdriver Doctor Who